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If you are looking for some thrill and adventure in gaming, get ready to perform some acrobatic actions in the game called vex 3. Guide and help the stick figure in his journey to the end of each level. You will be running, jumping, sliding, swimming and even be swinging as you make your way to the end. And as you do these all, you also have to elude from the deadly obstacles along your way.

Vex 3 is the third installment from the Vex game series. It is the longest and tagged as the hardest of all. Nevertheless do not lose hope, it may be the hardest and most challenging sequel but it is the most fun of them all. It has ten levels, called Acts, and even has nine Challenge stages. When you play, you will start off at the Tutorial stage where your fingers will be familiarized with the controls used in the game. It is also an overview of what to expect as you go through all Acts. You can either use the arrow keys or the ASWD keys in guiding the stick figure in its journey.

In the Main Menu of vex 3, aside from the Play panel, you will also find the Stage Builder panel. This is also a game mode where you can build your own stage or Act. This game mode is also found in both Vex 1 and Vex 2. However, unlike in the said installments, your building tools in vex 3 are already complete. You need not play the pre-developed game to unlock building packs. You can already make a good stage with your building tools. Nevertheless, you can still find additional building materials when you play the pre-developed game. After building your own stage, you can save your creation and share them with friends by sending them the code.

Another panel you will find in the Main Menu of vex 3 is the Trophies Room. The Trophies Room is a replacement for the Achievements Room. As you play, challenge yourself to collect all forty trophies. The first few trophies are easy to achieve. However, the higher the trophy, he harder it is to collect.

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