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Pleasurable Skywire Game

June 23rd, 2013 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Have you ever tried the Skywire Game? This is an action based game which is full of challenges. The game is brought to you by Nitrone. Here you are going to play a role of a chair left. You will find different sequels of this game. Actually, developers are continuously trying their best to make the game more interesting.  You will find new features and improvement in each sequel of the game. Once you start playing the game you will realize how fun the game is! You can play this game for free. Why don’t you visit this funny site!
In the game you have to guide the passengers. In the beginning you will guide 3 passengers. If you can successfully do that you can progress. There are 20 different levels of the game. Gradually the game will become harder. You can simply control the game by using the keyboard only.