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Some Tricks to Win Raft War

September 18th, 2012 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Raft war is an amazing shooting game where you have to kill your enemies. At first, you may find it little hard but there are some cheats and by using them you will be comfortable with the game. Click here for details.
It’s a shooting game where you not only have to shoot and kill enemy but you have to do is accurately and fast.  You can also type “Bomb Attack” and you ships will be destroyed and grant you maximum amount of cash at the end of the level.
Raft War is very straightforward game with the story line but that doesn’t really matter. Your objectives are simple and you do not need it to be explained. Here your aim is to shoot down all the enemies you have who are also vigilant in trying to steal your treasures. You will also get the option to upgrade the ship you use so that you can have even more men at your disposal.
Enjoy Raft War!