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Potty Racers 1 is one of the most wonderful games that are published online recently and it gives lots of fun to the players. Upgrading the potty and reaching to the destination is the aim of this game. You can easily find the game at http://www.pottyracers4.net/potty-racers-1.
Potty Racers 1 offers you a great potty that you can upgrade when needed. By upgrading the potty you can easily improve its condition which will make the game more interesting. If you upgrade your potty you will be able to reach to the destination very quickly. The game is really awesome and by playing it you will be able to have a great time. The game has lots of good features and by playing it you can have a wonderful time. The graphical view of this game is awesome and you can easily pass your time with the game. Try it online right now and it will give you great time.