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Electricman 3 is an exciting game with superb game play.  Responsive control plays a big role in a brawler game like Electric Man 3 in order to complete your moves efficiently.  This game delivers very responsive controls that keep the game moving well.  One of the best factors about the specific moves you can do is the fact that doing a move in place will have a distinct outcome if you hit the exact key while moving.  For the regular attacks, you use the keys a, s and d.  These keys will let you kick, strike and toss an enemy in the air.  The keys; q, w and e would enable you to make a slow motion attack that results in a substantial damage to your opponents.  Your character has a rechargeable battery which determines what assaults you can do. For instance, if you use a powerful slow motion assault, you lose a lot of battery.  You have to hang on for your battery to recharge before you can use one more slow motion attack.