Play The Latest Edition Cactus Mccoy 5

February 16th, 2015 / / categories: Uncategorized /

Get ready for a journey to get cursed treasure filled with adventure. This cactus Mccoy 5 game is designed to show the Western Sandy canyons. In this game, McCoy will show you a lot of action during his adventures to search the secrets of treasures as well as the mysterious artifacts.
Let’s learn something about the controls of Cactus McCoy 5 game, to help the character. Well, you will use the arrow keys, so the left arrow key can move the character to the left side, while moving it to the right can be done by pressing the right arrow key. McCoy has a projectile weapon in his hand, so if you want to use that press the up arrow. D key is designed to drop the existing weapon in the hand. S key can be used for two purposes, if you have weapons you can attack with it, and if you haven’t you can use this key to make a punch.

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