Defeat in Kamikaze Race

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Rasty is a famous company which has produced a lot of online games and one of them is Kamikaze Race. You should drive the car in this game. Just use your two fingers to drive this fancy and amazing car. Driving is not difficult, but you need to overcome some challenges that could affect your car. Make sure to drive carefully, as the traffic will create some problems for you. And another problem that you may face is your brakes and accelerator. The brakes stopped working and the accelerator is not working as well as it is jammed. For that reason, you should be extra careful in this game.
You should learn the controls before you start playing. You can use the left and right arrow key to control your car. So, are you ready to drive your car and overcome all the challenges?

Kamikaze Race


Heaven of hell Free Rider 2

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In today’s world, a thing that we can consider it as a friend of youngsters, is playing online games. In this modern world, it is one and only companions for many kids, teens, and adults. One of those games is Free Rider 2, which is the 2nd release of the a famous series Free Rider. Boys nowadays have a spacial place in their lives for the games which relate to bike riding or racing.
There are thousands of games that provide a facility to ride a car, a truck, a bike or any other vehicle, so you can meet your desires on the computer screen if you have no ability to buy them in your real life. Either you say this game is a heaven or consider it as hell, it’s very popular among the boys from all over the world.

Free Rider 2

The lovely, fantastic, and enjoyable 2nd version of the series Carrot Fantasy 2 – Desert is ready to play online now. It’s an amazing sequel to a game relating to the tower defense, where you have to save all carrots and make sure to protect them from the enemies.
These carrots are in your area, and many hungry monsters are coming to eat them so must protect them from those hungry monsters. Your duty is to place many turrets (some little towers on the top of a castle of a building) along the paths that are covered with much dust. Make sure to build those turrets wisely as you are going to finish, eliminate, and kill all attackers. A very funny game, that can be controlled via mouse only. You will need some weapons also to use in eliminating the monsters.

Carrot Fantasy 2 - Desert

Did you play at http://www.monkeygohappy6.net/ and enjoy the 5th installment of a famous series Monkey Go Happy? Get ready to enjoy the 6th version named Monkey Go Happy 6. It’s a nice sequel to the last release. Keep in mind that in all the versions, your goal is simple. Keep those monkeys happy and busy by performing and choosing different methods and ways. However, in this 6th version, something is new and unique. You have to struggle more and enough to keep them happy because your responsibilities are more than before.
As far as the characters are concerned, you will use your mouse extremely fast in the required actions from one puzzle to another, and from one game to another in this 6th version.This edition has some very interesting controls and amazing features to enjoy.

Monkey Go Happy 6

The little worm is hungry now and his hunger is more than ever in this new game effing worms xmas. You can imagine his hunger that he is ready to eat everything including reindeer. This is exactly what the worm intends to perform in this game named effing worms Xmas.
Take your hungry small worm on a journey to the North pole, feed him and make him happy as much as he can eat. A lot of new and modern characters have been added that you will love them in this effing worms Xmas. The little character is on a goal to finish Christmas forever because he wants to eat anything he finds on the North pole. Some of the game’s characters are Santa Claus, Santa’s reindeer, and a yeti that is throwing the snowball. Amazing game to enjoy.

effing worms xmas

Mousebreaker company released Being One: episode 1 for you to enjoy and share you comments with your friends. Don’t forget to provide your reviews after playing, so that will help the developer create more strong and attractive episodes. In this game, you will see yourself that you waked up in a tub or vat of green substance. You will find the way how to begin escaping. Make sure to be familiar with your character, with this vat and with the way of escaping from this tub.
No more controls are needed to escape, just use your mouse for this purpose. It was launched and presented at 21th of Oct, 2009, and played over 357,897 times since the creation’s date. According to a player, the developer decided to launch about 5 editions of this game, and he is planning to upload them on various websites.

Being One episode 1


Many trophies in Rich Cars 1

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You are going to perform some death-defying stunts in the first version of the series named Rich Cars 1.
The game contains scores and trophies to achieve. While you play in the levels, you will get some points for gathering pieces of jewels. Remember, the jewels will lay around in many parts of the levels and getting them would not be so easy as it seems, it’s very challenging part of the game. You must drive taking much care and must try to get bonuses, so don’t miss them at any cost. Visit their site to find more game.
Not only bonuses can be got, but there are many trophies as well to award, so you must complete and finish certain tasks at every level to receive them. Learn easy to use controls before you begin playing.

Rich Cars 1

This 7th edition is created to test the hand and eye coordination. Will you able to pass the test? If yes, then Scary Maze Game 7 is a great choice for you. The puzzle game is filled with many scary adventures. Your mission is very simple, just use your mouse to help and guide the ball at every maze to point or goal. You will face many walls and obstacles, don’t touch them or it will result in losing the game. Learn how to play by clicking this site http://www.scarymazegame7.org/
In its level 1, there is nothing but explaining the game how to play and handle from the start to the end of the game. Remember, untouching the sides of the maze is very important if you have touched them you will need to start the level again.

Scary Maze Game 7


Feel the thrill in Commando 3

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As you saw, in Commando 2, the hero did fight his way to being the victor in the harsh terrain of Asia. Now in this new version Commando 3, the hero will face a new enemy, and this new enemy is planning to get into Egypt, Berlin and Normandy. You have to apply your skills so that you can control the Commando on the field of battle. Just pick up different types of weapons and use them to defeat the hero’s enemies.
What do you think, will the Commando be able to free the world from the increasing threat of World War 3 as the hero starts his goal in Stalingrad? Use W, A, S, D and the mouse to control the game.

Commando 3 (1)

Are you interested in the zombie destruction? Well, Dead Zed 2 is ready to meet your interests, it’s a survival shooter set. The time came to mark your area or land where you rule and you must defend that like a dog. Just converting into a dog while defending your area is not enough, actually you will have to be a better than a pea.
Umpteen zombies are arriving to catch you in a thrilling and shooting game. Your goal is to find as many weapons and humans as you can because you will need to create a humans team as well that can support you in fighting against these dangerous zombies. The aim of this game is to survive for over 30 days. The mouse should be used for Aiming, shooting, and reloading while Q is for switching the weapons and space is for rage mode.