It’s volleyball time! If you are a volleyball fan, surely you will be fan of Slime Volleyball. And if you have never practised this sport, now it’s you time to give it a try. You can choose one player or multiplayer mode. Then you can choose to play with computer or with human. If you are playing in the one player mode, then you will be at the left side of the court. You need to be skillful and make sure you hit the ball so that it falls on your opponent’s side of the court.
The first one who scores six points is a winner. The awesome thing is that you can play it with your friends! So this is your chance to show off your volleyball skills. The game has very simple graphics, but very interesting. You will get familiar with the controls very soon, since they are also simple.


In Bowman 2 your goal is to shoot the target accurately. If you have already played and became a fan of these great archery games, you will be happy to know that this sequel offers some new awesome features. There are still three modes available. Practice mode is for new players to familiarize with the game, to learn how to aim and shoot. Player vs player and Player vs computer modes are more challenging and require some more knowledge. This is why you need to practice until you are ready to play with computer or other people. So you need to aim very well. The winner is the one who has the best shots.
Inside the game you will also have a new option: Bird Hunting! You have to shoot as many birds as you can, but you need to be very careful because the arrows can come back at you. Try it out here:


If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of being a soldier, and be involved in the electrifying soldier drama on the field, Sky9 games have something for you! This game developer gives you Strike Force Heroes 1! You are a soldier in this game that has missions to fulfill. You can choose from 65 different types of weapons. The ultimate rule is to kill. But at first, you will just be a medical soldier, and the missions will be as simple as a pimple. As the game goes by, you will eventually be promoted to be a field soldier, but also, the challenges will surely make your mind blow.
When you reach the final mission, make sure to have the best functioned weapon. This game has multiplex story plotting which will make you put to heart and embody the life of a real soldier. Push your creativeness to the limit in Strike Force Heroes 1.

Strike Force Heroes 1


Fun Shopping in Shopaholic: Hollywood

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There are flash games intended for male players and there games for female players. This is a symbol that there is an equal appreciation of both genders. This article is about an example of a flash game that is suitable for girls or women who love shopping. As most of us know, girls really love shopping to the point that it almost become an obsession. It is understood that clothes, shoes and accessories are girls’ happiness. The name of the flash game is Shopaholic: Hollywood. This will surely be enjoyed by female players around the world. The objective of this game is very simple. You just have to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories that you will be using in the coming parties and events that you will be attending. There are lots of stores present in Hollywood that will surely make you glamorous and prepped up. If you love shopping, go and search this game online.

Shopaholic Hollywood (4)

Having a hard time finishing a level in a game you are currently playing? Don’t be sad because in every problem, there is always a solution. Luckily, there are walkthroughs available online. Maybe you are wondering what are walkthroughs, these are tutorial page where one can get an idea about the levels in a particular game like Vehicles 2. This game has levels that are easy, tough and difficult to accomplish as the game progresses. If you are playing this game and currently having a hard time advancing with it, Vehicles 2 Walkthrough is your answer. The levels in Vehicles 2 are divided into four parts. The first ten levels are called Driving School because these are quite easy levels to accomplish.
The next ten levels are called municipality where the levels get quite tougher compared to the first ten. The third part is called Remove Dark where you have to deal with all the dark cars which means difficult vehicles to bump out of the screen. The last part is called Skill levels where you have to think, plan and move wisely to accomplish the levels. This walkthrough can be seen and reviewed for free online.



Find Home in Snail Bob 1

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Snail is considered the slowest creature in the world because of its very slow movement but this doesn’t mean that it is useless in this world. Everything living or non living has its purpose in balancing the world. Game creators have found a way to incorporate this creature in flash games because it is cute and very interesting to see what will the character snail will be. One perfect example is the game called Snail Bob 1. Obviously, the character in this game is a snail but what is its objective? You will find out if you read the whole article. The story of this game is that Bob, who is the snail, is trying to find a home.
It is the player’s role to guide and help him in searching through different places. But doing so is not an easy task because there are other creatures and prey that will stop Bob from finding his new home. Do everything the platform requires and overcome obstacles until Bob finally finds his home. There are more details included at

Snail Bob 1


Be a cool driving spy in Road Spies

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There are lots of driving games existing in different gaming websites. It means that there are many options gamers can choose. Game creators addressed this issue by producing unique driving games which will definitely separate it from the usual driving games. Road Spies is a great example because it is way different from other flash games with driving as the main theme.
The player will have to play the role of a spy who needs to kill or eliminate enemies on the road. There are missions to complete, a vehicle or car and a weapon to use. The mission determines the track or road he needs to drive around. The car is the integral part of the game. The weapons are additional factor in eliminating bad guys. There are upgrades available where one can choose using the spy cash received from the previous driving. Road Spies is a unique driving game where young minds and adults can really enjoy.

Road Spies


Be cheerful with Monkey Go Happy 7

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Monkey Go Happy series is now on its seventh serving which is Monkey Go Happy 7. This series, which involves monkey, has been offering fun and cuteness together with a touch of difficulty that sums up to the overall appreciation of gamers. The objective of this game is the usual agenda, which is to make the monkeys happy in many different and assigned way or method. There are puzzles that will surely keep the player think or guess while making this sad monkey turn into a happy one. A new edition in every game means that there is something new to offer. Monkey Go Happy 7 serves several features that will make the game more exciting.
There are now 20 levels where players will have a good time which is 5 more compared to the previous versions. There is also a new customization option where one will be able to dress up his or her chosen monkey with 12 different hats and 12 different shoes. The achievements correspond to additional points enabling one to upgrade more features. You can discover this game if you search it online.

Monkey Go Happy 7

If you’re annoyed with your friend or just want to get a good laugh, then asking them the play Scary Maze Game will definitely make your day. This game is a maze game accompanied with an awesome and terrifying prank. The objective of these games is to complete each level by reaching the end of the maze without touching the walls. As the levels go higher, the harder the maze gets and the higher the chances of you failing. The moment you fail, though, is where the real fun starts. Why? Well, you just have to go to this link and find out for yourself why these games are called Scary Maze Games:

Play Scary Maze Game now and prepare yourself and your friends for one terrifying yet very fun adventure. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure.

play Scary Maze Game


Defy gravity with Gravity Boy

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Gravity is the force that pulls everything down to earth. it kind of make us all grounded, literally and figuratively. Through creative minds, the existence of flash games incorporated with gravity have Ben one of the most interesting games currently played in different gaming sites. The curiosity about outer space and the earth’s pull made everyone fascinated.
One of the existing games that obviously pays attention to gravity is Gravity Boy.
The aim of the game called Gravity Boy is to help the boy defy gravity and collect all the yellow circles and proceed to the exit. A player needs to be creative and strategic on how to collect all the circles in least number of moves. The game is very easy to operate. Using e keyboard, one can guide the boy by clicking WASD or arrow keys as well as the space bar in order to manipulate the gravity on the playing field. To enjoy this game, search it online and defy gravity.

Gravity Boy