The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is the third release in the Fancy Pants Adventure series. This was developed by Brad Borne and was released on April 4, 2012. This game features Fancy Pants man who is a two dimensional stick figure with spiky, choppy hair, wearing only a pair of colored triangular-shaped pants. He lives in Squiggleville, a small country town run by the Mayor. The player’s task is to guide Fancy Pants Man through open levels which feature obstacles to overcome and enemies to avoid or defeat. These enemies include spiders, snails, and mice armed with guns. Enemies can be defeated by being jumped upon and crushed by Fancy Pants Man, who can also launch off them to perform a greater than before leap. In World 3, Fancy Pants Man’s little sister, Cutie Pants Girl, is kidnapped and Fancy Pants Man has to save her. New characters are introduced in the third installment of the series. This brings gamers to new adventures and challenges in the game.

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