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Are you looking for an adventure game which will also test your skills? Do you want a game that will challenge your speed? Try the game Mini Dash and see how fast you can finish the game.

Mini Dash is an action adventure game where you take control of your hero as it dash through a series of traps and obstacles filled world. It is a fast-paced platformer full of challenges and hurdles. Run, jump, climb, slick and find the exit door of each level. Be quick to find those exit doors, try to finish the level with all the green crosses. Avoid spikes, they are deadly to your mini dash. And getting killed takes some of you time too. Do not forget to collect mushrooms in each level, they can be used to skip levels.

There are five worlds to get through in Mini Dash: the Tutorial or Boot Camp, World 1 Doodle Camp, World 2 Industrial Zone, World 3 Doodle Hard and World 4 Only One. You can also get the mobile version of Mini Dash which you will enjoy more for having more levels and more characters to unlock. There are a lot of Missions to complete too. When you complete a mission, you will receive the corresponding number of mushrooms. You can see the mission tab in the Main Menu in the Box tab or in the World menu. In the Main Menu, there is also a mini game you can equally enjoy in the Box tab. It has the same concept as Mini Dash. Only, the main character is a square and the obstacles are other shapes.

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Mini Dash is a fun game to play for free. There are no payments or registrations required. You can simply visit http://www.plimpi.com/game/mini-dash to face the challenges it brings.

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