In Fancy Pants Adventure 3, it starts with Fancy Pants man in his bed when suddenly the mayor comes and talks to him. Then Fancy Pants Man jumps out of bed and training starts. In Fancy Pants Adventures World 3, his sister, Cutie Pants, is kidnapped by pirates because she defeats their captain, and want to make her captain. The first time Fancy Pants tries to bring her back, she doesn’t want to leave, and has assumed the role of “Princess Pirate”. However, she agreed to come home the second time around. New characters and enemies were introduced in this game. Bringing gamers all over the world a new adventure and challenge in the game. This game was developed by Brad Borne and was released on April 4, 2012. In this third installment, improved animation, backgrounds, and moves are featured. The character will no longer fall off of wall jumps, they just slide. If you have enjoyed the first two releases for this game, you’ll surely enjoy this one.

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