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Free Duck Life

December 22nd, 2016 / / categories: Uncategorized /

If you are a pet lover and you like racing games, you should try the Duck Life game series. All sequels can be played for free. That means you do not need to spend anything just to play. And you do not need to create or login to any account before you can access the games.

All Duck Life game series are for free: from the first Duck Life to the latest. And it all started when a farmer lost everything in his farm to a strong tornado. Only one duck egg survived. With the rehabilitation of his farm in his mind, he thought of training the duckling in several skills to join the prestigious duck races and tournaments. He will use the winnings to rebuild his farm. He had to train the duckling in running, swimming and flying. In Duck Life 2, he also trained the duckling in the skill of climbing, in addition to the skills of running, flying and swimming.


In Duck Life 3 Evolution, the farmer had genetically modified the duck eggs. That means, ducklings are born with natural learning skills. You can choose what kind of eggs you like. But it is advised that you buy and train more than one duckling. Races in Duck Life 3 can be won by having more than one duckling. However, behind the success of tournaments involving genetically modified ducklings, the judges banned them in Duck Life 4. So you are back to the traditional way of training your ducklings. Only this time, they will be trained one skill at a time. And they will unlock one location at a time too.

The fifth installment, Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt, is a shift from trainings to adventure. There are no more training and no more tournaments. Your duckling’s goal is to find as many treasures and artifacts as possible in the cave of the dormant volcano. Like all the other versions, you can play duck life 5 for free.  You should try to beat the challenges too. Even the game shop was turned into several shops. And you can now buy pets and tools for your duckling which are greatly helpful in his adventure.


Fight the Big Boss in Red Ball 4

December 3rd, 2016 / / categories: Uncategorized /

Play the Red Ball game series if you want to spend your free time enjoyably through gaming. Play as the cute little red ball that is so adventurous. You will be exploring the grassy hills in Red Ball 4 volume 1 as you try to stop an evil Black Square.

In Red Ball 3, a bad black ball turned up, whacked down red ball and abducted Pink Ball. Pink Ball is red ball’s love. Fortunately, our brave ball saved Pink Ball and had stopped black ball from his wicked plans. Now in Red Ball 4 Volume 1, a red ball was turned into a red square by an evil Black Square. The game is silent whether Black Square and Black Ball are but one and the same. Nonetheless, that does not matter at all. What is imperative is for our hero to stop black ball from his evil plans and the captured red balls be set free.

In Red Ball 4, you will indulge in the adventure of your life. Start rolling and jump on your way to rescue the red balls. It will not be a pleasant journey. You will encounter obstacles like black squares. Never touch or bump into those black squares for you will die. But jump on them to kill them. There will also be problems to solve where you will have to think first before you can go on. Not to worry though, it is not impossibly hard. In fact, there are walkthrough videos of players who had finished the entire game. But of course, even though there is nothing bad about it, you are hereby discouraged to seek any help in playing the game.


There are fifteen levels to get through in Red Ball 4. Each and every level is unique and different from each other. You will also be challenged by different problems and situations where you need to think first. There are also situations where you will need to use rocks or wooden crates to jump on. Remember to collect all the golden stars as you roll on. They will increase your score greatly. You will meet the Big Boss at the last level. So be prepared to fight and make sure to defeat him once and for all.