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Defeat in Kamikaze Race

May 21st, 2015 / / categories: Uncategorized /

Rasty is a famous company which has produced a lot of online games and one of them is Kamikaze Race. You should drive the car in this game. Just use your two fingers to drive this fancy and amazing car. Driving is not difficult, but you need to overcome some challenges that could affect your car. Make sure to drive carefully, as the traffic will create some problems for you. And another problem that you may face is your brakes and accelerator. The brakes stopped working and the accelerator is not working as well as it is jammed. For that reason, you should be extra careful in this game.
You should learn the controls before you start playing. You can use the left and right arrow key to control your car. So, are you ready to drive your car and overcome all the challenges?

Kamikaze Race


Heaven of hell Free Rider 2

May 15th, 2015 / / categories: Uncategorized /

In today’s world, a thing that we can consider it as a friend of youngsters, is playing online games. In this modern world, it is one and only companions for many kids, teens, and adults. One of those games is Free Rider 2, which is the 2nd release of the a famous series Free Rider. Boys nowadays have a spacial place in their lives for the games which relate to bike riding or racing.
There are thousands of games that provide a facility to ride a car, a truck, a bike or any other vehicle, so you can meet your desires on the computer screen if you have no ability to buy them in your real life. Either you say this game is a heaven or consider it as hell, it’s very popular among the boys from all over the world.

Free Rider 2

The lovely, fantastic, and enjoyable 2nd version of the series Carrot Fantasy 2 – Desert is ready to play online now. It’s an amazing sequel to a game relating to the tower defense, where you have to save all carrots and make sure to protect them from the enemies.
These carrots are in your area, and many hungry monsters are coming to eat them so must protect them from those hungry monsters. Your duty is to place many turrets (some little towers on the top of a castle of a building) along the paths that are covered with much dust. Make sure to build those turrets wisely as you are going to finish, eliminate, and kill all attackers. A very funny game, that can be controlled via mouse only. You will need some weapons also to use in eliminating the monsters.

Carrot Fantasy 2 - Desert

Did you play at and enjoy the 5th installment of a famous series Monkey Go Happy? Get ready to enjoy the 6th version named Monkey Go Happy 6. It’s a nice sequel to the last release. Keep in mind that in all the versions, your goal is simple. Keep those monkeys happy and busy by performing and choosing different methods and ways. However, in this 6th version, something is new and unique. You have to struggle more and enough to keep them happy because your responsibilities are more than before.
As far as the characters are concerned, you will use your mouse extremely fast in the required actions from one puzzle to another, and from one game to another in this 6th version.This edition has some very interesting controls and amazing features to enjoy.

Monkey Go Happy 6