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The little worm is hungry now and his hunger is more than ever in this new game effing worms xmas. You can imagine his hunger that he is ready to eat everything including reindeer. This is exactly what the worm intends to perform in this game named effing worms Xmas.
Take your hungry small worm on a journey to the North pole, feed him and make him happy as much as he can eat. A lot of new and modern characters have been added that you will love them in this effing worms Xmas. The little character is on a goal to finish Christmas forever because he wants to eat anything he finds on the North pole. Some of the game’s characters are Santa Claus, Santa’s reindeer, and a yeti that is throwing the snowball. Amazing game to enjoy.

effing worms xmas

Mousebreaker company released Being One: episode 1 for you to enjoy and share you comments with your friends. Don’t forget to provide your reviews after playing, so that will help the developer create more strong and attractive episodes. In this game, you will see yourself that you waked up in a tub or vat of green substance. You will find the way how to begin escaping. Make sure to be familiar with your character, with this vat and with the way of escaping from this tub.
No more controls are needed to escape, just use your mouse for this purpose. It was launched and presented at 21th of Oct, 2009, and played over 357,897 times since the creation’s date. According to a player, the developer decided to launch about 5 editions of this game, and he is planning to upload them on various websites.

Being One episode 1


Many trophies in Rich Cars 1

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You are going to perform some death-defying stunts in the first version of the series named Rich Cars 1.
The game contains scores and trophies to achieve. While you play in the levels, you will get some points for gathering pieces of jewels. Remember, the jewels will lay around in many parts of the levels and getting them would not be so easy as it seems, it’s very challenging part of the game. You must drive taking much care and must try to get bonuses, so don’t miss them at any cost. Visit their site to find more game.
Not only bonuses can be got, but there are many trophies as well to award, so you must complete and finish certain tasks at every level to receive them. Learn easy to use controls before you begin playing.

Rich Cars 1

This 7th edition is created to test the hand and eye coordination. Will you able to pass the test? If yes, then Scary Maze Game 7 is a great choice for you. The puzzle game is filled with many scary adventures. Your mission is very simple, just use your mouse to help and guide the ball at every maze to point or goal. You will face many walls and obstacles, don’t touch them or it will result in losing the game. Learn how to play by clicking this site
In its level 1, there is nothing but explaining the game how to play and handle from the start to the end of the game. Remember, untouching the sides of the maze is very important if you have touched them you will need to start the level again.

Scary Maze Game 7