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Feel the thrill in Commando 3

March 29th, 2015 / / categories: Uncategorized /

As you saw, in Commando 2, the hero did fight his way to being the victor in the harsh terrain of Asia. Now in this new version Commando 3, the hero will face a new enemy, and this new enemy is planning to get into Egypt, Berlin and Normandy. You have to apply your skills so that you can control the Commando on the field of battle. Just pick up different types of weapons and use them to defeat the hero’s enemies.
What do you think, will the Commando be able to free the world from the increasing threat of World War 3 as the hero starts his goal in Stalingrad? Use W, A, S, D and the mouse to control the game.

Commando 3 (1)

Are you interested in the zombie destruction? Well, Dead Zed 2 is ready to meet your interests, it’s a survival shooter set. The time came to mark your area or land where you rule and you must defend that like a dog. Just converting into a dog while defending your area is not enough, actually you will have to be a better than a pea.
Umpteen zombies are arriving to catch you in a thrilling and shooting game. Your goal is to find as many weapons and humans as you can because you will need to create a humans team as well that can support you in fighting against these dangerous zombies. The aim of this game is to survive for over 30 days. The mouse should be used for Aiming, shooting, and reloading while Q is for switching the weapons and space is for rage mode.