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Explode the bubbles in Bubble Shooter 1

February 22nd, 2015 / / categories: Uncategorized /

Bubble Shooter 1 is a game that starts in a few seconds after clicking on its shortcut on the desktop. The developer of this game guarantees long time motivation. Making a high score by playing this game is easy as 1, 2, 3. According to the experts and players, this game is all in all, an awesome online flash game. Play it without having any need to download at

Make sure to explode the bubbles with every completed shot by you, because if you fail after you have shot, you will be punished as a penalty of a miss. After you have been punished because of some misses, you will see the bubble grid expanded as well as jumbled itself and moved down on the line. Rather than making an aim against bubbles that have similar color, you should take an aim and fire at the group of bubbles, figured just like a bottleneck.


Play The Latest Edition Cactus Mccoy 5

February 16th, 2015 / / categories: Uncategorized /

Get ready for a journey to get cursed treasure filled with adventure. This cactus Mccoy 5 game is designed to show the Western Sandy canyons. In this game, McCoy will show you a lot of action during his adventures to search the secrets of treasures as well as the mysterious artifacts.
Let’s learn something about the controls of Cactus McCoy 5 game, to help the character. Well, you will use the arrow keys, so the left arrow key can move the character to the left side, while moving it to the right can be done by pressing the right arrow key. McCoy has a projectile weapon in his hand, so if you want to use that press the up arrow. D key is designed to drop the existing weapon in the hand. S key can be used for two purposes, if you have weapons you can attack with it, and if you haven’t you can use this key to make a punch.

There are many codes for different versions of the game that can be called as Run Ninja Run Cheats. But we are listing here some of the general cheat codes. You can use them to maximize your playing skills. So 8919 can be used to maximize the ninja’s jumps, and 5166 to maximize slide, 5774 to maximize style, 2684 to skip to the next step, 2898 to skip to the forest, 9156 to skip to the caves and 1475 to skip to the mountains.
Since you will need to jump upon several obstacles, Run Ninja Run Cheats, codes will help you complete the game without facing any difficulty. The following codes can be used to gain more coins and upgrading to a better version. So use EQUIP to get gold, FFW to play in a quick forward mode, SLOW to play in a normal mode.

DeadEye game is a very exciting shooting game. In this game, you have to shoot moving targets with a pistol. The targets will be moving and bouncing between the four walls of your monitor.
The targets are not that small in DeadEye game. So, you will not have any visual problem. But the further towards the outside of the target you hit, the lower your score will be. There are 7 bullets in one round. You have reload them continuously to keep up with the game. But try not to waste your shot because it prove costly later. The left click of your mouse is the shooting gesture and the space in your keyboard in the reload gesture. It
is a pretty simple game, but the excitement is there. Don’t forget to reload