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Enjoy Strike Force Heroes 3

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Strike Force Heroes 3 is a great installment of the series which has been published recently. It is a cool action game which is full of fun and the players really enjoy it very much. If you are interested in playing action games then you can try it. It can give you wonderful fun and while playing it you will have a great life.
Strike Force Heroes 3 can give you lots of fun. When you are playing it you will enjoy the great graphical view of the game. It can impress any action lovers very much. There are up to 50 levels in this game. The first 7 levels are very easy to play. The most difficult levels start from 28 levels. There are different weapons and instruments that you can use to kill the enemies. The amazing levels can impress you very much and while playing you will really enjoy your time.

Online games are the most popular sources of entertainment. There are so many games are available that you can pass you idle time wonderfully. These games are really going to make you smarter than the others. There are varieties of online games available and we are going to focus on Kingdom Rush Game. This is an amazing game with different installments. Actually, the developers are always trying to improve the game. In this piece of writing we are going to focus on the 3th sequel of the game which is Kingdom Rush 3. It is just the continuation of its previous installments. Visit in order to play the game now.
In this game you are the king of a kingdom and you have to protect your kingdom from your enemies. You have to build your army and protect the path from where the evil can enter to your kingdom.

Monkey Go Happy has released its 5th version which is Monkey Go Happy 5. Yes, there are several sequels of the game is available. Actually, developers are continuously trying to make the game more interesting. That’s why each time they are coming with an improved version of the game. The game has become even more interesting in this sequel. The graphical environment of the game is appealing and background sound makes the game more enjoyable. The game is available in different websites and you can play it as many times as you want for Free! Why don’t you find here!
The basic game play of the game is same is all o the sequel. You have to make laugh the sad monkeys. By clicking on the objects of the scenarios you can do that. The whole game be control by using the mouse only. So, go and enjoy the game.