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A Wonderful Game-Skull Kid

August 23rd, 2013 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Skull Kid is a game that is available online to play for all. This is an awesome game that can be played anytime you want. You know there are some bad powers in the world and some can affect our life. Some of them kidnapped some kids in their school building. Play and finish this game to make them free.
Skull Kid can give us lots of fun. To play the game we must find out how to make them free. There are some rules of playing the game that you have to follow. Without following the right way of playing you can’t become successful. At the beginning of the game you will have very small weapons and slowly the weapons will be upgraded. It is a cover based game where you have to protect all the kids. The kids will also come here to kill the enemies but you have to protect them.

Cyclomanics 3 is based upon the same concept as before. Finish this game to reach next level. This is a single playing racing game where you race against the clock and up to 10 other computerized racers to try to come in first place, complete achievements, and earn in game story. This game gives you option to change the settings. You can toggle music on or off. You can toggle sound effects on or off. You can change graphics quality suitable to your computer. Clear map progress is also included in this. Controls of this part are same as previous. You can use arrow buttons or A, S, W, D to control your bike. Pressing “R” will reset the game. You can customize the upgrades like speed stat, acceleration stat, brake stat, boost stat, spin stat, jump stat and the clothes of rider in this game. You can also earn cash in this game.


Excitement of Sniper Assassin 6

August 10th, 2013 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

When you are already playing those five missions of this Sniper Assassin game then you must want for the next one. Actually this game is so much interesting and you must get more fun from it and this is why they think about to invented the Sniper Assassin 6 which may be the best game ever.
In the previous part of the game you finish the main villain but you missed one person to kill. If the Sniper Assassin 6 version will invented then you may have seen him here. Actually the rules of playing this game are always remaining same. You can control the sniper with your mouse. You may use the left button for firing. And there have some key (example z or x) for zooming. You should shoot in accurate position if you really want to win this game. Yeah the main thing the graphic of it must be good.

You may already know that this Monkey Go Happy 3 is a puzzle game. You need to solve that puzzle to win this game and you must need to make the monkey happy and it’s the rule. Actually this game is a very good game to play and get fun.
In this Monkey Go Happy 3 game you are working with the monkey also. So when you start to play this game you should know this game before. In this game you need to play twenty level and you need to solve all of those. Actually at first you get the fifteen levels then you get those next five. You need to play all the levels so carefully and get the points. Actually there have another four levels which help you to get extra points so that you can buy more things for your monkey and make him happier than before.