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Penguin Diner is great flash game which is sure to keep you engaged for a long time. It is an addictive and very enjoyable game that you can play on different web pages easily. In this game, your task is to assist all the customers that enter the restaurant by finding them seats, taking their orders, delivering food to them quickly and collect the coins that they leave after eating. One thing you need to keep in mind while playing the game is that don’t keep your penguin customers waiting for too long. This is because after much waiting they might get angry and leave the restaurant in fury. For each day, you have a target le’s say of 100$. Only after you finish the target do you get the chance to reach the next level. Overall, the game is really fun to play. Have fun serving the cute penguin customers.

Free Rider 2 Heaven or Hell is a popular game amongst youngsters. It is more advanced and more exciting than its prequel since it features improved vehicles, advanced speed, challenging maps and attractive sceneries. All of this makes it the best game ever to play and have fun. Walking along your fiery ride, you may experience steep curves or smooth roads which add thrill to the game. What’s more interesting is that during your ride, you can collect stars and power ups. Thousands of maps are available in the game ranging from simple city background to the hard to solve downhill or uphill bike rides. The only thing you need to use during your adventure is your mouse. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing the awesome game right now and have loads of fun, excitement and adventure.

Do you want to learn something? There are several games on the internet which can help you to learn new things. Online Simulation Games are completely free to play and enjoy. It is a must that you play the game and play it. You must see this game otherwise you will miss a big thing.
Online Simulation Games can help you to learn different things. You can learn many things by playing the game. When you will play the game you will have lots of fun. The game is easy to play online and it is a great opportunity for you to play. As it is an online game, it will give you a very big opportunity to enjoy without any cost. You will never have to pay any money for playing the game online. Just visit the website and play the game online whenever you want to enjoy your time.


Get scared in scary maze game!

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Pulling legs and playing pranks isn’t fun enough. Playing all day here takes you on a never seen scary ride, that you will certainly have fun. Finish all the levels to know what all is stored in to scare the wits off you. Though it take off as a very simple and a relaxed game, as you proceed with the game, things appear suddenly and you would have fun getting scared by them.  To have some more enjoyment, you can send links to your friends and have total blast. You won’t find a game interestingly scarier that this one. Have fun.